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Citrus by Talia is a sustainable jewelry line. All products are handcrafted out of real citrus. Each pair is uniquely different and made with love. Wear the earth. 


There are a lot of factors that go into a sustainable product. Sustainability can't always been seen. There are a lot of factors from production to distribution that consumers and businesses need to take into account. Sustainability has been divided into three categories, social, economic and impact. 


Shop local! 

- I purchase all my produce from local grocery stores...this cuts down on transportation emissions and contributes to the other positive benefits of shopping local.


Little to no food waste!

- When slicing the citrus..when I mess up...I use the broken slices for juices, garnishes, drink infusions & more. Parts of the food that I absolutely can't use can be composted.

I make my own designs!

Instead of purchasing pre-made pieces online, I create all my own designs out of steel. Steel is one of the most reusable/recyclable metals in the world. *jump rings and basic ear wirings I do not make..custom pieces I do, etc. funky steel chain necklace, chain earrings

Made in the USA!

When I need to purchase metals/wires etc. I purchase them from USA based companies to cut down on transportation emission

I reuse packing materials!

I am not a huge online shopper...but I have friends who I make sure to collect all their packaging and thats how I send out your orders! (if you live in the Chicago area..and have a lot of packing me!! I will take it!)

I walk to the post office!

Probably a very insignificant point..but! no transportation emissions on this end! SHOUT OUT TO MY FRIENDS AT THE POST OFFICE! <3

*until it's -24235 degrees and I am living in Chicago...

No Citrus Left Behind!

Throughout the entire process..the citrus changes, breaks, who instead of throwing things away as they "deform" I use them on other art projects..this contributes to eliminating waste and my creative outlets!

Have a question about our sustainable practices?

Thanks for asking!!


about me

Hi! I am Talia! 

I started Citrus by Talia when I was living in Boulder, CO in 2018.

I never could have imagined it would be what is today when I started this creative journey. I started making them for my friends and next thing I knew people who I had never met and from other states were reaching out to me. The process and quality has progressed a lot since when I thank you to all you who have supported me and stuck with me through all the trial and error!


I grew up in a greek household so lemons were always the center of everything.


I spent a lot of time in Central/South America for work/travel/studying and citrus seemed to be following me. From limes on every dish to trees filled with oranges and limes...citrus was everywhere. I started Citrus by Talia after I returned from traveling in Colombia. 

LOL @ this pic of me and one of my first citrus batches eva...hopefully a better pic will be uploaded soon TBD

What does the citrus symbolize?

The citrus symbolizes our natural beauty. The perfect slice of citrus doesn't exist. Some are wavy, some curl, some have more rind, some have a hole in the middle. The variations are endless; just like the human body. The citrus earrings never match perfectly because no slice of the citrus is the same even if it comes from the same fruit. Citrus by Talia aims to promote self-love, self-acceptance and self-expression. My hope is that people see their beauty in these products. The light hits them just the right way to illuminate the beauty, just as it does to us.

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