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Q: What are the care instructions?

Care instructions are simple! They are real fruit so they are fragile; treat them with love! Don't step on them, sit on them, put them in the bottom of a bag without protection. Do not get them wet. Getting caught in the rain is okay, but don't swim in them or shower in them. As long as you treat them with love they will last forever!

Q: Can I eat them?

They are no longer edible. Please enjoy a fresh orange while wearing your Citrus by Talia earrings/jewelry but please do not eat the wearable art.

Q: What is the process/how long do they take to make?

The process is long. I hand slice each citrus so no pair is the same. Due to this, the dehydration time varies for each citrus. On average it takes 12 hours to dehydrate on low heat & 24 hours to completely apply/dry the preserving varnish. After each citrus is curated then I get to work on wiring them or turning them into other art pieces. Wear the earth.  

Q & A: They are imperfect

Each pair is different. I am working with real, natural citrus so each slice reacts to the process differently. Some may curl or wave slightly, the coloring may vary, the shape/size will vary slightly. How much rind, where the center of the wheel lies. Each slice is different. This emphasizes nature, us, and over-all beauty. 

Q: How is your product sustainable?

Please see the about section on my website where I go into detail about all my practices! Transparency is key!

Q: How long do they last?

As long as you take care of them! The biggest threat they have to falling apart is YOU. If you follow the care instructions they will last. Since they are completely dehydrated and then preserved the citrus itself is preserved. 

Q: What type of ear wires do you use?

The standard ear wires I use are 22 k gold plated or surgical steel. ALWAYS. I have sterling silver available for an extra cost. If none of those metals work with your ears please reach out. I can get any type of metal.

Q: Do they smell like citrus?

Throughout the process the citrus loses it's yummy citrus smell. If you want to take it to the next level....apply some essential oils on your earrings so you can smell those scents while wearing them

Q & A: They are weather dependent 

If you are in a humid climate the citrus may soften up...a high altitude they might harden up. This won't effect how they are preserved but just know its normal!

Q: Do they darken over time? 

After about a year the color may darken or fade. I do not have the reason why ....I believe it is something related to the natural pigment/coloring of the 

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